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  • How to prevent and cure lice on puppy body

    Lice are hard to detect in small dogs, especially long-haired ones. They often scratch and bite their fur, if not with eczema and other skin diseases, most are lice. Lice feed mainly on blood, parasitic in the body.

    8 2019-07-29
  • Keeping pets is good for children's physical and mental health

    The child is the future of the motherland, the healthy growth of the child is always the heart of the parents. In the busy work, parents often neglect their children's education. Studies have found that pets are of great benefit to the healthy growth of children, so many parents are willing to buy pets for their children to keep.

    5 2019-07-29

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Thxpet put in 100% effort to create the best bonding environment between pets and their owners and to witness how pets appreciate their owners;  On the other hand, how the owners stay by their pets’sides. 


Thxper makes taking care of pets simple, and trying our best to prefect our products in humanize, simplify and Quality continually. Pets are just like a child that needs extra care and love. Based on our years of experiences with pets care product, we are able to specifically design different types of pet’s products to ensure all of them meet the needs for the different pets shape and biological features. 

Thxpet pee pad

Thxper pee pad is super absorbent with five layers of material consist of every Thxpet pee pad. The first layer is made of super thin Hydrophilic nonwoven, which helps sink dog’s urine through the pad. The second layer is a Breathable absorbent paper with added attractant for training the dog into a good peeing habit. The third layer is consist of Japanese made highly efficient water absorbing molecule and advanced wood pulp cotton from the US, as a result of such two advance material combine our product are able to effectively lock the dog’s urine within and prevent reverse osmosis. In addition, our fourth and fifth layer are designed for anti- leaking with a single purpose of absorbing it all with no leaking at all.

Cotton soft dry outer layer

Our selective super soft non-woven out layer sinks the urine rapidly which absorbs the urine in a instance to keep the surface dry at all time for a comfort and pleasant wearing experiences.  

Three dimensional anti-leaking protective wings

Freedom three dimensional protective wings effectively help with anti side leaking, which gives your dogs a comfort experience using our products. 

Breathable base film

Our selective breathable base file helps discharge moisture to keep it dry and comfortable at all time.

Smart urine indicator

Our smart urine indicator changes color as the diaper absorbing urine which gives the pets owners an idea of when to change the diaper.

Elastic Waist

Carefully designed elastic band by the waist and legs help our product fit onto the pets seamlessly without too much pressure. 

Full waist band

It does not stick on the fur and it helps with putting the diaper on or off.

Suggestion diaper using period

Reasonable use of our product leads to Healthier dogs.

Puppy who is not trained to pee or poo.

During sickness to prevent infection or old dog which can no control the bladder.

Pets after labor.

During pet’s estrus period harassment free product for the dog.

Pet’s period

during travel, easier for car ride.

Female dog use instruction

Male dog use instruction

Product feature

How to train your pet with our Thxpet pee pad